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Frequently Asked Questions

overnight stay

How can I book a bed?

You simply write an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Remember to cancel in case you can't make it, not least for safety reasons!

What should I bring?

The sleeping bag is, for hygienic reasons, mandatory. If you don't have it, you can rent it in the refuge. It may also be useful to have a headlamp with you.

If I sleep in the mountain hut, do I have to wear slippers?

It is not necessary, we provide slippers for everyone.

Can I take a shower?

Yes, there's a shower in the refuge. The generator set, in addition to pumping up the water, also activates the boiler to heat it. For this reason, we ask a contribution of 4 euros for the use of the shower. We are sure of your understanding!

Is there a bathroom in the room?

No, the facilities are shared and not located in the room.

Is there Wi-Fi?

Here we are connected just with nature.


How does dinner work?

Dinner is a fixed menu (except for vegetarians) and consists of first course, main course and dessert. Drinks are not included in the price of half board.

I'm a vegetarian, will I find something to eat?

Of course you will, on the menu there are dishes suitable for vegetarians. If you want to stay overnight in the refuge, remember to mention this at the time of booking or, at the latest, when you arrive at the refuge. It will be easier for Martina to find an alternative to the dinner menu.

After the night, can I get a packed lunch?

Sure, just let us know the night before.

Can I book a table for lunch?

Since this is a mountain hut, we accommodate people according to their arrival and therefore we cannot accept reservations.

Is it possible to have dinner at the mountain hut?

Yes, we accept reservations for dinner, with maximum arrival time at 8.30 p.m.

What time does the restaurant close during the lunch service?

In high season you can receive hot dishes until 3 p.m. Afterwards you can still get a mixed cutting board, a sandwich or desserts.

activities and general information

Can I bring my dog?

During the day there are no problems, just respect the rules of common sense towards the other hikers and guests in the hut. However, for reasons of hygiene and respect for the other guests, he may not enter the room floor, but must stay down in the common room. We are sure of everyone's understanding.

Is there a charging station for e-bikes?

No, due to the lack of electricity, we can't offer this service.

Can I rent the via ferrata kit?

Yes, there is the possibility to rent the equipment.However, we recommend that you book it a bit in advance, so you can be sure that you can have harness, carabiners and helmet and have fun doing the via ferrata at Monte Roen in safety!

Is there a room where I can leave wet clothes and shoes?

Unfortunately no, the hut is small and does not have a room for this need. If you need to o dry your clothes, you can use a large drying rack in the garden.

Is there always electricity?

No, the power is produced by a generator set, which runs for a few hours a day, meantime charging the batteries. This allow us to have light in the refuge, even when the set is not running. For this reason, the plugs available to guests can only be used for a few hours a day.

Is there running water?

No, the water is pumped from a spring and stored in a tank. The pump also works via a generator, which is why water is a valuable asset. Remember, the water is not drinkable.

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