Rifugio Oltradige Al Roen - Überetscher Hütte

Refuge history

If you've already come to me, at least once, you've surely noticed that I'm quite old...

... imagine how? In 2013 there was a big party because I turned 100 years old, can you believe it? The inauguration took place on July 27, 1913.

The Überetsch section of the D.u.Ö.A.V., founded by Hans Schwemberger from Kaltern, had thought that in order to make a crossing of the Mendola mountain chain attractive, it would be opportune to build a refuge on the slopes of the Roen, and here I am. In 1911 the works started, and after three years the construction of this little house made of stone and wood was completed, and it fits perfectly into its natural frame made of pine and fir trees.

CAI plate (club alpino italiano)
historical photo
the refuge in 2020

In the first period I belonged to the Überetsch section of the D.u.Ö.A.V. In those terrible years, when the First World War reigned, I suffered a lot of damage due to the bombings; it was the local section (AV Überetsch ) that took care of me and healed me from my injuries. The rise of fascism changed history again and the ownership of my walls passed to the central section of the CAI (Italian Alpine Club), in particular to the section in Bolzano, which is still my owner today.

Several people have taken care of me during these more than 100 years of life, welcoming mountain enthusiasts and hikers who find peace and rest from the long walks in the meadows and woods around here.Today there are Martina and Andrea, two young guys, who dedicate themselves with passion and enthusiasm to make you feel at home.

"In a mountain hut, the essential is all you get, which in the end is all you need"

Martina e Andrea

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