Rifugio Oltradige Al Roen - Überetscher Hütte

Why do we love mountain huts

We are a young couple who love mountains, nature and of course mountain huts. When we return up here at the end of May, we always feel that we are back in our rightful place. Our greatest wish is to be able to pass on the love of nature and its inhabitants to our children. We once read in a book that...

"nature is like a universal tuning fork, which has the power to retune the heartstrings to the original vibration of the universe"

Francesco Vidotto

this is what we believe in.

So many of you often ask us why we chose a refuge in the first place. There are many reasons and the vicissitudes of life that have brought us here to the Oltradige, as well as a lot of luck.

So many reasons, but in the end we can sum them up in five:

Ever since I was a child, when I went hiking with my father, I always preferred the mountain huts to the peaks, finding them more interesting and more easily distinguishable.

Each hut is architecturally very different. There are old ones like ours in stone and wood, newer ones but still made of wood, and those in masonry. Each one has its own particularity and it is nice to notice the differences. Moreover, in so many places, it really comes natural to ask 'but who came up with the idea of building a hut right here? And how did they actually do it?". So everyone has got a story, every hut can be an 'old mountain man' who would have whole books of adventures to tell, you just have to listen to them.

At the hut, the rule of the essential prevails, where nothing is more valuable than what is strictly indispensable. Everything we need must be carried up by our own strength and must fit in a backpack, there is really no room for the superfluous.

Sleeping a night in the mountains puts everyone on the same level. The important thing is to arrive, spend a night in the warmth and fill your stomach. The social distance is flattened when you all sleep together in the dormitory and eat at the same table.

We have come to the last point, which is perhaps the most important one for us: surrounded by nature, we never feel lonely, and the rhythm of life becomes slow again. When the season ends and we return to civilisation, among so many cars, so many people, so many houses, we have the feeling of being lost, too "small" to call attention to ourselves, too quiet to be heard, a constant frenzy. But this is not the case in the mountains, at least not for us... being an absolute element, it welcomes us, accompanies us and reminds us that it all began there.

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